100 - 150 BGN

With our vouchers ‘’from 100 to 150 BGN, you can buy various experiences: trips, tastings and gourmet dinners, culinary courses, wine and beer tours, sports and extreme experiences on land, water and air, exquisite spa and beauty treatments, massages, personalized gifts. 

What kind of experiences can you buy from 100 to 150 BGN? 

With a voucher ‘’from 100 to 150 BGN”, you can choose from different adventures: from a visit for two to the unique Grandma Deshka, to a wine experience for two in the vineyards or retro romance in Zlaten Rozhen. Nature, coziness and authentic Rhodope cuisine in this price range await you at Arkan Khan. A banana yacht party or a sea kayak or paddle board trip will be highly appreciated by lovers of sea adventures. For people who are interested in folk traditions, gastronomic tourism and village adventures, there are workshops on Bulgarian traditional meals by region with real local people. 

Culinary lovers will also be happy with a voucher ‘’from 100 to 150 BGN”. We offer culinary courses from the best culinary schools in Bulgaria with the best mentors - master chefs - in recent years. If you can't choose from the abundance of exotic cuisines, desserts and healthy menus, gift a culinary course of your choice. Or a tasting - of wine, beer, gelato, coffee, and even a tour in a chili farm with dinner! Themed and gourmet dinners are also an ideal gift for couples who want to try something new and sophisticated. 

For sports lovers, the price range of the vouchers between BGN 100 and 150 gives a lot of different opportunities for both one and two people. Riding, off-road taxi with racing jeep, buggy or ATV, bungee jumping from a balloon or in tandem or water - jetpack, flyboard, hoverboard - you choose. At this value, you can choose a flight voucher: a tandem flight with a paraglider, hang glider or... Escape room, diving in Sozopol or near Shkorpilovtsi, shooting with a pistol for two. Piloting a plane is the bestseller in this price range. 

Vouchers ‘’from 100 to 150 BGN” will make happy creative people with different courses - to try, and subsequently decide to devote themselves to an art that has long attracted them. A pleasure for the palate as well as knowledge is the cocktail making course. There are many options to choose from - candle making, painting, wood carving, sgraffito and wine, dance, yoga, accordion or piano lessons, individual drum lessons, a musical adventure of your choice with professional musicians, folk or holistic singing...in a salt room etc. 

With a voucher ‘’from 100 to 150 BGN”, make your loved ones happy by taking care of their health and balance. Choose massage, flotation, body art, tattoo with personal design, spa ritual, salt therapy for two, detox therapy and facial ritual, full makeover in a boutique salon, color therapy, astrological consultation... 

If you choose personalized gifts ‘’from 100 to 150 BGN”, you can give your loved one an author's photograph, emblematic French or Italian wines, a selection of coffee or Japanese tea, chocolate delights, non-standard unique bouquets, fragrant personalized candles or a scarf with a good energy. 

No matter what your budget is, with Gift Come True you will find the most suitable and unique gift - an experience that will be remembered for a long time.  

Vouchers for experiences( excluding those with a specific date) are valid for 1 year, within which they can be exchanged for any other experience.