Interesting non-traditional gift-experiences for a St. Valentine’s that is not a cliché

St. Valentine’s day… Boxes of chocolates, teddy bears, red roses, cards with pictures of hearts and all other kinds of desperate attempts, bringing hardly any sense of romance. First of all, these teddy bears are rather creepy than cute, with the chocolates and the card it’s as if you are saying “It was too much of an effort for me to get you something nice, so here is something I bought on the way” and thirdly… do you really think that spreading rose petals around the room and shaping a heart out of them is romantic?! A minute of silence for everyone, who will have to go through this on the 14th of February. In order to minimize the number of sufferers this year as much as possible, we are coming with a list of ideas of cool and fun gift-experiences, with which you can have a St. Valentine ’s Day this year that is really not a cliché.

Secret trip

You don’t really know each other if you haven’t travelled together. So here we are offering you not just a trip, but a secret trip. With a little bit of mystery of where you are going and what exactly will be going on. Bit by bit, you will be receiving secret letters with instructions and directions, which will lead you to a surprising location. This is all on us. On you – to get there successfully (or to not stop arguing along the way). Anyways, the important thing is that you get there eventually…

Snowmobile ride

Spend a super fun day in the mountain, riding a snowmobile. An experience with lots of freedom, adrenaline and of course, snow! You can go by yourselves or together with other couples for a St. Valentine’s full of jolly and laughter.

Dancing lesson

Here the rule is: the stiffer you are, the funnier it is… for the others. Anyhow, dancing is a good way to increase the chemistry between each other as well as to challenge yourselves to learn something new together!

Shooting for couples

St. Valentine’s with a gun in hand! What’s wrong with it? Well, there’s a bit of unconventionality in the whole thing, but when you actually think about it it’s also logical. Not everything in a relationship is roses and flowers, sometimes there are bullets flying around, so you’d better prepare for that!

Motivational flight

You’ve probably heard the expression “Catch flights, not feelings”. If you are looking for a gift for St. Valentine’s day, you obviously haven’t managed to fulfil the second part, but you can still try with the first one. And, here we don’t mean to just fly, but to pilot! You will probably ask where the other person is in the whole situation… Don’t worry, they will be looking at you the whole time! Well, not from below, of course, they will also be on the plane – just on the passenger’s seat.

Gelato tasting

The gelato tasting is a gift-experience, with which you just can’t go wrong. Invite someone to this icy-sweet experience with a whole of 10 different gelato flavours and you can rest assured that you would not get a “no”. Speaking of that, this is also a great idea for the pre-official phase, because there’s both a minimum chance to get rejected as well as a good opportunity to have a conversation in peace and realize that you were meant for each other… or not.

Hike on the river Vit canyon

The environment in the city is quite polluted anyway, but when we add the fact that on St. Valentine’s day “love is in the air” as well, it all just becomes unbearable. We are saving you from the banality and trivialty with this getaway in the beautiful nature of the river Vit canyon. If not else, at least you will breathe some fresh air there!  

Tandem bungee jump

This experience is for the bold. Tie yourselves well to each other, cling and… jump! In contrast to the individual bungee jump, where there’s a good chance you hesitate the moment you step on the edge, here you don’t really have a choice. If they jump, you jump!

Off-road adventure with a buggy, ATV or SMART

For the couples that love adrenaline and adventures. The real challenges for you are the romantic experiences rather than the extreme ones. Why forcing yourselves to do something that you just don’t enjoy? It’s adrenaline that flows in your blood, not sentimentality. Go after it!


And because our vouchers hold a validity of 1 year, your gift-experience for St. Valentine’s day doesn’t necessarily have to happen during this season. Dive (literally) into this underwater experience and share a little bit more different emotion than everything else you have experienced so far. And, the fun part is that you will also test the communication between each other by interacting simply with your body language. Will you get along?

And if you still haven’t found the most suitable experience for your loved one, you can have a look at 500+ ideas for travel, relax and harmony, courses, cooking classes, photo shoots, tasting and dining, sport and adventure as well as tailor-made gifts on our website. And more: with the GIFT CARD at a value defined by you, you are giving the receiver the absolute freedom to pick whatever experience they like. And, with our vouchers holding a validity of one year, there are no seasonal limitations!

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