20 ideas for gift-experiences, which you can both gift and share

When did Christmas turn into a day for presents rather than a day for our loved ones? With every year passing by the true meaning of the holidays is getting more and more replaced by the material things. Christmas is in the shared emotions, in an experience, not in things. Gift (yopurself) more of them in the new year by sharing an experience! We are giving you interesting and varied ideas on what you can do and with whom in order to spend some precious time together and make unfofgettable memories. Or, in other words: we are getting you inspired with cool experiences, which you can both gift and share!

With the loved one

One of the biggest challenges for a relationship is the routine. Along with work and all commitments, don’t forget the person beside you! The cozy wooden houses with a fireplace of Leshten, the olive forest and Mediterranean flora of villa Sintika in Sandanski or the perfect winter SPA and ski vacation in the luxurious Katarino comlex close to Bansko… are all opportunities for a getaway with your loved one far away from the daily life. And they are all promising you to get back happier, more in-love and more connected to each other than ever!

With mum

If there is someone, who deserves all of the presents in the world, this is her. Every gesture of yours is highly valued, remembered and of course – told to all of her friends. This time make her smile with some time spent with you. Take her to a tasting of the most expensive coffee in the world, surprise her with a special three-course meal in the restaurant of Masterchef Sevda Dimitrova or share a true splendor for the body and the spirit with her with the SPA ritual “Hot Himalayas”, including a hot tub, peeling, mask, massage and halotherapy. And, here is an unusual idea: get the important women in your life together in one experience just for you – with this SPA apartment, which can turn into your personal oasis for endless girl talk and full relaxation.

With dad

This is usually the most unpretenctious member of the family. When everyone is happy, he is happy. You will definitely manage to surprise him pleasantly with the picked by you experience. Why not go have a beer together with the thematic tasting of German and Czeh beers in the one and only in Bulgaria Vienna Café & Restaurant. Or, spend a super fun day with a snowmobile around Vitosha, Borovets, the Rila lakes and Stara planina. In the gentlemen’s club, on the other hand, father and son can indulge in a tasting of one of the best whiskeys and high-quality cigars in the world!

With a child

We are used to gifting children mostly toys, while actually the best present for a child is your time and attention. After a couple of years, they most probably won’t remember the toy you’ve gifted them, but they will definitely remember this gelato tasting, for example, and how you’ve tried a whole of 10 different flavours of gelato at once! Or, how you’ve got each other dirty with paints, while making yourself T-shirts in this workshop for painting on textile for children and adults.

With a sister

Having a sister means having a best friend, who is always there for you no matter what. Sharing time with someone like her is special. Show her what an important place she has in your life with the hot-air balloon rise, where you will have the opportunity to look at Bulgaria from a bird’s eye. Another idea is to invite her to an elegant brunch – in this way, apart from enjoying some time with each other, you will aso enjoy a sumptuous meal. And, if you have a sweet tooth, this tasting of a special selection of chocolates will definitely be your cup of tea!

With a brother

He might be a bit annoying at times, but you must admit that you would do anything for him. This is probably the person in your life, with whom you have dozens of funny stories, which you often tell with tears of laughter. It’s time to add one more to the “archive” – with this crazy off-road buggy experience for example, which will charge you with lots of positive vibes and adrenaline. Or, with the ATV tour near the Belogradchik rocks, which will take you to places, which can neither be reached on foot, nor by car and which can only be seen via an off-road vehicle!

With a friend

To the friends that are like family… to those, who are with you at your lowest. Gift them and share with them a cool experience as a “thank you” for that. Give your friend the opportunity to experience a unique emotion with а piloting lesson and of course be there with them by taking the passenger’s seat of Cessna 172 – a landmark in the world history of aviation! Or, have some fun together with one of the most popular cocktail masters in Bulgaria with the cocktail course for friends, where you will be able to experiment with different cocktails and of course – taste them!

And if you still haven’t found the most suitable experience for your loved one, you can have a look at 500+ ideas for travel, relax and harmony, courses, cooking classes, photo shoots, tasting and dining, sport and adventure as well as tailor-made gifts on our website. Don’t worry – even if your loved one prefers something else to what you have chosen for them, they can exhange the gifted voucher for another experience. If you are still in doubt – with the GIFT CARD at a value defined by you, you are giving the receiver the absolute freedom to pick whatever experience they like. And, with our vouchers holding a validity of one year, there are no seasonal limitations!

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