8th of March: 30 special gift-experiences for every type of woman

Women see 20% more colours than men, have a better sense of smell, their pain tolerance is 9 times higher and their brain – 9% smaller but with an equal number of brain cells! Overall, women are marvelous creatures. And, although we do think that 8th of March shouldn’t be the only day of the year to make them feel special, we also believe that this is a wonderful occasion, giving you the opportunity to make something a little bit more different, memorable and unique for them. On this 8th of March gift them emotions rather than things! We are giving you 30 ideas for gift-experiences, just find below the type of woman your mother, spouse or friend is.

For the one, who…

…loves being spoiled.

She loves being taken care of, while kind gestures flatter her and bring her great pleasure. So don’t miss the chance to spoil her with a special SPA ritual – choose between the Capricious queen and the relaxing bath with rose oil plus a rejuvenating massage, the Magic of the East – Thai massage for the body and face, making the skin glow or the Lady’s charm – massage and aromatherapy with jasmine, orchid and orange. They are to make every woman feel beautiful, relaxed and happy!

…cooks with love.

The time in the kitchen is rather a feast and an inspiration for her than an obligation. She adores preparing delicious food for loved ones and always does it with ease. We know for sure that she will be the one, who will fall in love in the cooking class experience: for light spring desserts, French starters, for Japanese, Turkish, Lebanese or homemade Italian cuisine or some other thematic cuisines, which you can have a look at here. Pick what she will be most happy to learn making!

…is a hopeless romantic.

Romantic, sentimental and dreamy, she rejoices like a little child in every romantic surprise or gesture. Make her smile on Women’s day with just that! Take her on a date like those in the movies, in the ranch, where the “Rambo 5” movie featuring Sylvester Stallone was shot, explore the route of love and wine among the endless vineyards of villa Yustina, enjoy romantic horseriding and lunch for two or indulge in a well-deserved break in Chateau Copsa and its retro romance!

…carries an adventurous spirit.

It is adrenaline that flows in her blood. She doesn’t want а bouqet of flowers, she wants а strong emotion! Give it to her with the shooting for couples with a whole of four types of weapons or with the ATV adventure near the Belogradchik rocks, which will lead you to places that can only be explored off-road! And, if the woman you are looking for a present for has a really brave heart, challenge her with the parachute jump from 3500 m. height and with 50 seconds free fall! 

…always looks perfect.

She is a woman, who takes good care of her appearance. A beauty ritual means time just for her and she truly enjoys it. Spoil your loved one, friend, mother or another woman that you cherish with the Facial SPA therapy for clean and glowy skin, with the personal consultation with a professional make-up artist or with the pack of three treatments – manicure, pedicure and a blow dry in a cozy boutique salon.

…is always up for travel.

She loves travelling and getting to know new places and never hesitates to get on the road again! The secret trip is a litle bit more different kind of travel, with which you will definitely be able to surprise her. It will lead you to an unknown and a surprising location among the beauty of the Rila mountain by secret letters and instructions. On the other hand, in villa Sintika in Sandanski the 100 types of Mediterranean greenery as well as the olive forest will completely indulge you in the spirit of the Mediterranean, while the historic, cultural and natural landmarks around promise not to let you get bored even for a moment!

…loves deliciously prepared food.

She loves the nice and well-prepared food as well as finding new favourite restaurants, while trying different and interesting dishes. This is why we are sure that she will be truly happy to go visit the restaurant of Masterchef Sevda Dimitrova, where she will prepare a special five-course tasting menu for two! And those, who have a sweet tooth we are sending on an icy-sweet or bitter-sweet experience with the tasting of a homemade gelato or a high-quality real chocolate!

…loves trying new things.

She is inquisitive and open to anything new. She has all kinds of interests, loves learning and is not afraid to try things she is not familiar with. Gift her an experience, which can actually turn into her next hobby like for example this dancing lesson, painting and wine, pole dance, painting on textile or this workshop, where she can create a lamp of her own design!

And if you still haven’t found the most suitable experience for your favourite women, you can have a look at 500+ ideas for travel, relax and harmony, courses, cooking classes, photo shoots, tasting and dining, sport and adventure as well as tailor-made gifts on our website. And more: with the GIFT CARD at a value defined by you, you are giving the receiver the absolute freedom to pick whatever experience she likes. And, with our vouchers holding a validity of one year, there are no seasonal limitations!

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