“The best Christmas present for…”

… friends and relatives according to their character traits

Christmas presents are definitely not an easy task… every single year comes the same debating– what to buy and how to make it both original and tailored to the particular person. If you are one of those people, who see presents as a way to show regard for somebody rather than as an obligation, then this blog post is for you. We are giving you varied ideas for Christmas experience gifts according to individual character traits, with which you are undoubtedly going to make your loved ones smile!

The life and soul of the party

In every group of friends, there is that one, who brings everybody together. They are cheerful, chatty, funny and always full of stories. Without them, the party is just not the same… because they are its life and soul! To the most cheerful one we are gifting this super fun cocktail course for friends, where they will prepare, mix and taste interesting cocktails, while having a great laugh. Or, a crazy party amidst the Rhgodope mountain with this “Safari bar” on wheels.

The gourmand

When it comes to treating themself, they don’t ever hesitate… One of the worst things that could happen to a true gourmand is them going to a restaurant, ordering a dish and it turning out plain and tasteless… An absolutely impossible scenario with the experience of Masterchef Sevda Dimitrova and her signature five-course menu as well as with this tasting of a special selection high-quality, real chocolate. Presents, which a gourmand will definitely appreciate!

The chef

If for the gourmand the pleasure lies in eating, the real relish for the “chef” is in cooking! Immerse all of those who enjoy preparing food for themselves as well as for their loved ones in a culinary course on Japanese, Mexican or Spanish cuisine, different desserts or other types of dishes with some more great courses that you can have a look on here.

The mountain lover

The mountain or the seaside? That’s a rhetoric question for them. They are active, vigorous, love the mountain and cannot imagine spending the whole day lying on the beach. Send them on an adventure among wonderful nature with the tour around the fairy canyon of the Vit river for two! Or, make them gallop off far away from the daily life to the Rila Ranch with breathtaking views, picnic in nature and horseriding.

The lovey-dovey one

For that one friend who has their head in the clouds or the lovey-dovey couple we are sometimes joking with, but we love dearly. Or, maybe you yourself are that friend and are searching for a present for your partner – after all, there is no bettter present for them than spendig time with you… We are creating a real romance for you two among the endless vineyards of villa Yustina or we are organizing a date, which is once in a lifetime – just like those in the movies, in the ranch, where the movie “Rambo 5” was shot with Sylvester Stallone himself! Which of these suits your relationship better?

The daredevil

The daredevil – that one, who is not afraid to take a risk. They love challenges and the adrenaline rush. Often what many people find “scary”, they consider as funny! This is why the gift for all daredevils this year will also be a challenge: to bungee jump from a hot-air balloon, to fly with a motor paraglider, to get in an off-road racing jeep, to take part in an extreme drift competition or, if that’s still not enough… to parachute jump from 3500m. height, where the free fall is with a speed of 240 km/h!

The vain one

The vain one - always looking flawless! Often the people, who aren’t like this cannot understand how this person wastes so much of their time just to “primp”. In reality, for the vain person this time is rather well spent than wasted! To her, you can gift a pack of three treatments – manicure, pedicure and blowdrying, with which she will feel truly pampered. Or, choose a SPA ritual both for her and him: in the form of a “Lady’s charm” or “Man’s reward”.

The traveler

The traveler is that friend or relative, who is always on the road. It is just hard to keep them at one place for too long! The secret trip is just for them: new, interesting and unusual, leading to a surprising location through secret letters. And, because our vouchers are valid for a whole year, here is something for the summer, which every traveler awaits with anticipation: a sea adventure for two at the Nestinarka camping with surfing, kayak, paddleboard or sailing lessons.

The creative one

Those of us with “two left hands” are definitely admiring the skillful and creative friends of ours. They can create such amazing and interesting stuff… they just need the opportunity. And this workshop is the ideal one – an opportunity for one to create their own, unique lamp, which they take home afterwards. The atmosphere is just as creative in this experience for painting and wine – a relaxing art therapy and a personal emotion, which one leaves on the white canvas.

The new parent

That one friend, who only until yesterday you had been getting drunk with and today you are watching them become a parent… Weird, right? And if a few years ago someone had told you that you were going to gift your best friend a breastfeeding, baby wearing and baby sleep consultation for Christmas, you would have been both lying on the floor laughing… Or, maybe you are expecting a new member in your family in the new year? Welcome them properly and capture their very first moments with this photo shoot for newborns or for sitting up babies.

And if you still haven’t found the most suitable experience for your loved one, you can have a look at 500+ ideas for travel, relax and harmony, courses, cooking classes, photo shoots, tasting and dining, sport and adventure as well as tailor-made gifts on our website. Don’t worry – even if your loved one prefers something else to what you have chosen for them, they can exhange the gifted voucher for another experience. If you are still in doubt – with the GIFT CARD at a value defined by you, you are giving the receiver the absolute freedom to pick whatever experience they like. And, with our vouchers holding a validity of one year, there are no seasonal limitations!

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