Gifts for kids

Every child deserves a carefree childhood, days filled with wonderful emotions, the opportunity to acquire new skills, support to grow confidently and discover the world! Give your beloved child the most valuable gift - experiences and memories for a lifetime! Here you will find great ideas for gift experiences for children of all ages, for any occasion such as a birthday, name day or no occasion at all! From baby and toddler gymnastics, children's salt rooms, outdoor adventures, themed photo shoots including newborn photo shoots, creative workshops, horse riding, artisan ice cream tasting, to singing lessons and musical instruments classes- choose the right experience for the little ones!

What experience vouchers suitable for children will you find with us

We transform gifts for children into dreams that come true and into unforgettable experiences that create valuable memories and skills. Instead of a standard material gift, why not give your beloved little one an exciting experience that will enrich and develop them?

Choose swimming lessons for babies and children with certified instructors that not only help the kids develop physical skills, but also strengthen the bond between parent and baby and promote building self-confidence and overcoming fear of water. It is a fun and healthy way for parents to spend time with the child, and the experience itself will contribute to the development of the baby or young swimmer!

Baby and children's gymnastics provides key exercises that support the development of motor skills and coordination. Salt rooms are a great way to strengthen the child’s health, as they help relieve respiratory problems, boost immunity and improve lung capacity.

With our outdoor adventures, you can give exciting and fun experiences and games that will create wonderful memories for every child. Choose horse riding, with which the child can learn more about these intelligent animals, build a special relationship with them and develop a range of motor skills.

Themed photo sessions are also an excellent way to preserve special moments from childhood. They are also a great gift for parents as they capture precious shots of the most intimate and happy moments!

Choose our creative workshops as a gift to develop the skills of your favorite child. We offer a range of different workshops, such as ceramics or painting on canvas or textiles. Through them, children develop creative skills and freely express their ideas and feelings.

A gelato tasting will never disappoint a loved little one! Give an exciting culinary experience that will create positive emotions and deliver delicious moments to the child, thanks to favorite and healthy ingredients.

And with a voucher for singing and musical instrument classes, you will give irreplaceable experience and a positive mood, with which the child can develop not only his musical skills, but also confidence!

Gift Come True offers a range of experiences that are diverse, unique and enriching. Each of these experiences is carefully selected to offer the child the ultimate gift that is not just a material object, but an experience that will supplement their life and create lasting memories.

Choosing a gift for a child has never been so easy. On our website you can quickly and easily choose and buy the right gift. Make your beloved child smile and make a dream come true!