With over BGN 150 vouchers you can buy an experience for every taste, for one or two people in the following categories: trips, tastings and gourmet dinners, culinary courses, sports and extreme adventures, exquisite spa and beauty treatments, photo shoots, luxury personalized  gifts. 

What type of “over BGN 150’” experiences can you buy? 

With ”over BGN 150” voucher, you can choose different trips or weekends to the most attractive locations, in wonderful spa hotels, or in small, romantic hotels or guest houses that offer original experiences - culinary or related to traditions and nature around, also adventure weekends. Secret trips are especially attractive because they combine the thrill of surprise with a great choice of beautiful and unknown places, cozy first-class accommodation and hospitable hosts. 

With ”over BGN 150” voucher, food lovers will also be pleasantly surprised. Multi-level gourmet tastings await them, in boutique wineries or in a castle, a well as gourmet dinners in some of the best restaurants – from Mediterranean to Japanese cuisine. Themed and gourmet dinners are an ideal gift for couples who want to try something new and sophisticated. We offer culinary courses from the best culinary schools in Bulgaria with the best mentors - master chef - in recent years! If you can't choose from the abundance of exotic cuisines, desserts and healthy menus, gift a culinary course of your choice. Or wine, beer, gelato, coffee tasting, or even a tour of a chili farm with dinner! 

For extreme sports lovers, the price range of the vouchers over BGN 150 gives a lot of different options for both one and two people. Diving courses in Greece, party for friends on a yacht, romance in a balloon for two, mountain climbing with an individual guide, test drive of sports cars, drift school for champions, off-road for speed lovers, skydiving, underwater birthday, piloting of airplane, snowmobile adventure tour – its your choice. 

The ”over BGN 150” vouchers will surprise the creative nature with various courses - to try and subsequently decide to dedicate themselves to art, which has long attracted them. There are many options to choose from - diving courses in Greece, music lessons, stunt course, oenologist course, recording a song in a professional studio, furniture decorating course, photography courses, first wedding dance lessons, consultations for young parents, etc.  

With ”over BGN 150”voucher, make your loved ones happy by taking care of their health and balance. Choose luxury spa packages and rituals for one or two, flotation, body art, tattoo with personal design, aromatic, rejuvenating and detox therapies, full makeover in a boutique salon... 

Professional photo shoots are memories for a lifetime. With a budget over BGN 150, you can choose from a photo shoot for a newborn, through one for the whole family or with your pet, in a studio, in a place of your choice or outdoors. 

If you decide to buy ”over BGN 150” personalized gifts, you can give your loved one a custom-made suit or shirt with personalization and initials, a unique doll with a look and feel based on a submitted photo, a coffee subscription, an author's photography, iconic French or Italian wines, a selection of coffee or Japanese tea, chocolate delights, non-standard unique bouquets, scented personalized candles or a scarf picture with good energy. 

No matter what your budget is, with Gift Come True you will find the most suitable and unique gift - an experience that will be remembered for a long time. 

Vouchers for experiences( excluding those with a specific date) are valid for 1 year, within which they can be exchanged for any other experience.