The perfect gift for a Cancer – а box full of emotions

Emotions – this is what Cancers are led by. Everything they do is dictated by their deep sensitivity and intuition. The energy of water is encoded in their very being – an energy of renovation, revival and fantasy. But apart from their strong emotionality emerging from their own experiences, Cancers also have the ability to detect even the most subtle mood changes in others and to empathize with them. Heart is their compass. They are one of those people, who will be truly touched by a sweet gesture, a gift with meaning and an experience for the soul… gift it to them because they will appreciate it!

Exactly because of the fact that everything feels much more intense to Cancers, they often tend to get overwhelmed and to fall into gloomy moods. This is why they need experiences, which will help them restore their inner balance and release the piled emotions. Immerse your favorite Cancer in the magic of the East with the traditional Thai SPA therapy for ladies or gents designed to bring full rest to both the body and the mind. And if you want to add a little bit of romance to this whole bliss of massages, aromas and oils, you can do it by sharing the experience with each other and going for the aromatic SPA pampering for two with the most experienced masseurs in Sofia.

Speaking of romance, this is another super common feature of Cancers. They get easily attached and dream of deep and meaningful relationships. This romantic dinner and an overnight stay on a yacht creates a real magic under the stars and will remain a precious memory in the Cancer’s heart. And because for the representatives of this star sign happiness lies in harmony and calmness, here is another experience they will fall in love with: horse riding and lunch for two among the beauty of nature and the magnificent Rila, Verila and Vitosha. The vast meadows, the flowing streams and the interaction with the horses will create for the Cancer a unique romance on saddles and a feeling of timelessness.

If you have a Cancer in your life, most probably you have noticed that they are constantly looking back at the past and sometimes find it hard to move on. This is for a reason as actually the karmic mission of Cancers is to preserve and keep the traditions alive. This is why we are taking them back in time in the aristocratic spirit of a small Bulgarian village, where one can still feel the presence of the wealthy families that once lived there… families that travelled around the world and then brought to the village a piece of the culture of different nations. We will stop here as our idea is to send the Cancer on the most intriguing secret trip for two, with which we are not just going to feed their sentiment towards the past, but we will also touch upon another feature of theirs, namely the mystery they carry in themselves.

This tendency of the Cancers to live predominantly with their past of course forms in them deep sentimentality. They like looking back and hold their memories dear. So, what a better present for them than the opportunity to capture their “today” in order to come back to it “tomorrow”. With the professional outdoor photo shoot at a location of their choice, the current moment of happiness will be preserved for generations to come. And here is another suggestion, for which there might not be any “evidence” left, but the nice gesture will be undoubtedly remembered by the Cancer. Gift your beloved Cancer woman in addition to flowers and a NO bouquet! – the expression of your unconditional love and affection.

Now topping it all off with experiences both under and above the water: just like it befits the water element and people, who were born in summer! We are sailing away with the Cancer on the board of a sailing catamaran in order to enjoy beautiful bays, carried by the wind… and because usually the representatives of this star sign are absolutely comfortable with being in water, we are not afraid to challenge them to dive in! We are gifting them a snorkeling experience in the most beautiful locations or a diving lesson, and together with them the opportunity to get close to the wonderful underwater world of Sozopol.

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