How to prepare the perfect burger. Sofia. 14 June


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From time to time we all need to eat a delicious classic burger that will bring us joy. And it tastes best when you prepare it yourself.

We invite you to our special course, in which we will learn how to prepare a truly irresistible burger and what are the accessories to it that will distinguish it and will make you and your guests not forget it.

The culinary course includes:

  • All of the needed ingredients
  • How to make:
    • Brioche bread according to a classic French recipe
    • Classic way to make mayonnaise
    • Homemade ketchup
    • Flavoring minced beef and how exactly to bake the meatball
    • Super marinade for chicken leg and how to make the perfect crispy chicken
    • Irresistible French fries - as they are made in Belgium
    • Barbecue sauce
    • Pulled breaded leg in barbecue sauce
    • Breaded yellow cheeses

Date and time: 14.06.2023 18:30-22:30h

Location: Yummy Cooking School 1,Sofia, Byala Cherkva 24

The course is suitable for all who want to expand their knowledge regardless of their age and skills.

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